Welcome to Lydia's Page
You are now listening to Lydia's composition-      
               "Bring me back from the deep."
  Tom Parker in the studio in
Philly, recording acoustic bass  for
           Lydia's new album.
  Tom Parker provides much of the
"bang/clank" or percussion sounds that you      
          will hear on the new album.
Photo by Lydia

Photo by Lydia
  Lydia Witman is a songwriter and
pianist extraordinaire.  A current
resident and musician in the Philly music
scene, Lydia has a unique knack for
writing songs that sound new, fresh and
somehow familiar.  Drawing from her
knowledge of the french language, she
creates some of the hippest and most
relevant compositions around today.
About 3 years ago Lydia teamed up with
Percussionist/Bassist-Tom Parker.  The
two rehearsed and made some
recordings together and found a blend
that seemed to fit the music.
"Lydia has this "vibe" with her music, It's
partly Bohemian, partly indie,  partly
something new and unknown."