The Latin Quarter-
Saturday Night Samba   - T. Parker
Dindi                               - Jobim
So Danco Samba           - Jobim
Hanover Corner               - J. Schwartz
de Janeiro Sunrise          - T. Parker
Green Mountain Bossa    - T. Parker
500 miles high                 - C. Corea
Round Midnight               - T. Monk
Judith                               - B. Paskowitz
Blues for Saskia                -  B. Paskowitz
Lead by longtime Hartford resident and
musician, Bob "Mr.Sax" Paskowitz.  
This latin flavored ensemble plays
many of the most popular Bossa nova,
Samba and latin hits around. You're
sure to enjoy the toe tapping and hip
swinging rhythms of this "outta sight"
You are now listening to, "Saturday night samba"
Meet the band!!
The Latin Quarter  
Established about 10 years ago in the
Hartford area, The Latin Quarter
began to emerge.  Mr. Sax knew the
sound that he wanted to hear and
turned it into a driving and ambitious
journey that would include Many
musicians, Performances and
Left to right-
Jason Schwartz-Acoustic bass
Bob Paskowitz- Saxophone and Flute          
               Warren Byrd-Piano
Tom Parker-Drums
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Left to right
Bob, Jason, Tom and Jeff Wallace on
guitar.  Jeff also plays on the Latin
Quarter album, Tesoros del Corazon.
This Lineup played the Braza
restaurant in Hartford for many months
Jason & Bob @ Global Gourmet
A weekly gig which lasted for over a
year.  What a great year that was!. We
all had such a chance to find new
views and new possibilities. Global
helped the band evolve.-
Warren Byrd- shown looking on during
a Global gourmet gig at the old G. Fox
building in Hartford. To visit Warrens
Click here
Caribbean Holiday is another CD
release by the Latin Quarter. This
album features many groovy Samba
and Bossa nova tracks.
The Jason Schwartz Project
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project Page
"This is Jason's First Jazz album as a
bandleader. His efforts really paid off on
"Green Horizon". He has produced a slick,
smooth and multi dimensional Jazz album
that captures mood after mood and leaves
the listener feeling musically enriched. His
compositions are thought provoking and full
of direction and adventure.  His skills as a
young composer are finely tuned and in tune
with what's happening on the modern Jazz
scene today."  TEP
Next gig: August 5th at 9:00 pm @
One Way Fare in Simsbury ct.
Ben Kohn- Piano
Jason Schwartz- Acoustic Bass
Band Leader- Composer
Thomas Parker-Drums

Bob "Mr. Sax" Paskowitz.
Saxophone & flute
Press play to listen to, "five hundred miles high"

Composed by T. Parker
Rick Tutunjian-
Tenor Saxophone
Press play to listen to:Ted tone piece
Composed by Jason Schwartz
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The BP4
                                                                                    The first album featuring:
                                                                                       Bob Paskowitz on sax
                                                                                         Ben Kohn on Piano
                                                                                     Jason Schwartz on bass
                                                                                      Tom Parker on drums.

This is the album that brought the creative minds of this quartet together for the first time. This is an all original music album. Written entirely
by the members of the BP4, It demonstrates their ability to craft fine works of jazz and work together like brothers of the art.  Below is the
album cover that was also designed by the members of the BP4.  Each member depicts a vision of their role in the group.  This album
contains 10 tracks and is a must have for any Jazz collection. The BP4 actually started out as the BP3,  Just Bob, Tom and Jason, Later, Ben
was introduced to the group. In the beginning the BP3 used to rehearse in a hay barn on Sunrise Farm in Avon.  Then rehearsals moved to
the home studio of Tom Parker. All of the members of the BP4 have been good friends and remained musical comrades to this date, working
all over the Northeast and recording when time (and Money) permit.